Little Nightmares

About the title

Some games scare us with screamers. Others instill the feeling of dread with suspense. And some slowly work their ways into our minds intensifying the creepiness of what’s happening. This is what you can expect from Little Nightmares. The disturbing, uneasy sensations you are about to experience will come not from the events that happen to you in the process, but rather from the entire setting of the terrifying place you have to travel through. And the fact that the heroine perceives it rather calmly in her childish ignorance only makes it more alarming.

The main character of Little Nightmares, known as the Sixth, is almost completely defenseless against the nightmarish inhabitants of a strange world. She can hide, move objects that are not too heavy and climb vertical surfaces, illuminating her path in the pitch darkness with a small lighter. While this simple tool isn’t used to solve puzzles, its flames can bring rare kerosene lamps and candles to life, giving you a quick save point in the game’s dangerous environment.

Each of the five stages of your horror quest carries a multi-layered set of meanings, inviting you to personally interpret the end of the episode. The circle of hell left behind or the next step in the evolution of a little heroine? You decide. The authors withstand the atmosphere of decline and depression until the end credits of the game.

All levels of Little Nightmares are extremely linear, offering the player to solve a certain problem in one single way. But at the same time, the dwellers of the cloaca themselves react differently to the same actions of yours. For example, when you try to slip past a cruel cook, he may grab you in one case or get entangled in the folds of his own clothes and miss in another. Hiding under a bench will keep you safe one time, but if you repeat the action again, your pursuer will be smart enough to look under it.

Despite the 2D camera, each of the locations has sufficient volume. Therefore, when you run away from pursuers, you need to not only keep an eye on the enemy and obstacles, but also evaluate objects in their three-dimensional perspective. Otherwise it will be easy to stumble and fall past the board slightly displaced in depth. The puzzles are pretty simple. Steal a key while hiding from enemies, climb a pile of books, make a rope out of blood sausages, run the filling shop in the opposite direction… But can you cope with all of them? Play Little Nightmares online and find out!