Little Nightmares Halloween

About the title

It’s Halloween! The time when all sorts of creepy monsters come out of their liars in search of careless victims. Zombies dig up from the their graves, vampires go on a hunt drawn by the smell of fresh blood and witches fly on their brooms in the dim light of the full moon. On a night like that, you remember all the chilling tails told to you when you were a small kid and start being afraid of every sound and every shadow. But if you don’t run away from intense emotions, you can savor them playing Little Nightmares Halloween! It’s a special edition of the original horror adventure interspersed with holiday references and some new enemies borrowed from classic Halloween stories and legends.

Once again, you’ll find yourself on a creepy vessel where children are sacrificed and blood flows across the floor. Playing as the Sixth, a little girl in a yellow raincoat, you need to make your way through all the rooms and halls searching for the exit. That won’t be easy because there are plenty of dangerous and difficulties waiting for you all over the ship. To get through locked doors and blocked passages, you have to find keys and hidden switches. And besides, you always need to stay on the lookout – the monsters aren’t sleeping! They roam the corridors of your jail and won’t hesitate to attack you if they catch sight of you. To stay unnoticed, stick to the dark corners, but remember to check them first – there might be some hungry ghoul lurking there.

To stay safe, it’s better to avoid any encounters with your enemies at all. The heroine can use stealth to sneak through the room unnoticed and hide under the furniture in case of a threat. But even if you die, don’t worry – the Sixth will simply respawn at the last checkpoint. However, some of the progress will be used and all the puzzles you managed to solve later will have to be deal with all over again. Let’s hope you memorize the sequence of action you took previously! Little Nightmares Halloween seems like a great entertainment for All Saint’s Eve. Play it online and savor every moment of your murky adventure!