Little Nightmares Horror

About the title

The main heroine of Little Nightmares is a rather strange kid. She is very small, but there is nothing childlike in her. And it’s no wonder – living at a place like that. She doesn’t even have a name – the girl is introduced to us as the Sixth making us think of all the other children that went before that number and what happened to them. And it’s not too long before we come up with possible answers – looking at blood puddles on the floor, bowels scattered around and half-eaten corpses. We don’t know anything about the past of the main character – only that she wake up in a coffer and crawl out to find herself in this nightmare. Now she needs to figure out how to get away from here. And you will be her faithful guide!

The sense of danger that Little Nightmares generates is exactly what the developers were trying to convey to us. It’s not so much about the stereotypical fears common among children, but about the very feeling of helplessness born inside a small person forced to stand up to a big threat. Despite their slowness, the opponents snatch the heroine very sharply. What will happen to her next? She will obviously be devoured … But the game doesn’t frighten us with bloody scenes. It uses completely different instruments that work perfectly for the ominous atmosphere, and that’s what makes this horror adventure so enticing.

And when something dangerous finally happens, it really makes the player fidget in their chair nervously. Take for instance a meeting with the man-eating cook that you might remember back fro the trailer! A huge lump of a man with a knife and a face sagging right down to the sternum, he walks around the butchery kitchen, sniffs and chops stinking fish. If you are unlucky to catch his eye, he will run after you with surprising agility for his weight, expelling the cries of the most murderous psycho. It’s not hard to guess what will happen to you if he chases you down… You will probably become the main ingredient of his special stew!

All that is complicated by the fact that you never know how the same action will work this time. For instance, you can successfully run away from the cook as he gets trapped in the folds of his own clothes and falls – or you can end up right in his cruel hands… So you’d better not use the same solution twice! Start your perilous and fascinating trip through the world of Little Nightmares, handle all the trials successfully and find a path that leads out of this terrible place!