Little Nightmares 2

About the title

If you already played the original version of Little Nightmares, you will be thrilled to accompany the Sixth and her new friend on another, no less thrilling adventure! This time you will play as a little boy called Mono who got trapped in a parallel reality. Everything here is ruled by the mysterious Black Tower that sends signals distorting the world and turning it into hell. To get out of here, you need to make you way to this evil structure and figure out how to switch it off. Of course, that won’t be so easy to do because the Tower is guarded by the Thin Man who is the main antagonist of the story. Together with the Sixth, you must stand up to him and come out a winner!

Your journey will lie through a series of surreal and ominous locations. Everything here is inhabited by monsters that are even more cunning than their counterparts from the first chapter. You’ll walk through a frightening wasteland, set your foot in an old school and abandoned hospital. The characters you’ll meet there are dangerous in their own way and have peculiar behavior patterns and wicked inclinations that can be used against them. For instance, the Hunter enjoys skinning and stuffing his victims – he has a whole collection of such trophies in his hut. The Teacher controls an army of students with porcelain heads who listen to her every command. And the Doctor creates living hands that remained from the patients – they try to grab you as you walk through the building.

Luckily, you won’t be alone on this journey. In the nightmare world, Mono will meet the Sixth – the heroine we know from the previous part. He will save her from certain death and together they will set out to escape from this gloomy dimension. You won’t be able to control the Sixth’s actions – she is here simply as your AI-based guide and helper. In threatening situations, she will behave automatically either running away and hiding or protecting you in a fight. Now you have the fates of two children rather than just one on your hands, so you should be particularly persistent and careful! Walk through the grim world of the Black Tower, find a way to neutralize the Thin Man and get home together in Little Nightmares 2!

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