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Little Nightmares Games Play Online Free

Imagine that you wake up in a huge coffer and crawl out to see a dead man hanging from the ceiling. You try to open the door, but it’s locked. After some time, you find the key. But the keyhole is too high for you to reach it. So you need to pull a stool from under the dangling corpse and pull it to the door… That’s how Little Nightmares starts. Are you willing to face all of its challenges and horrors?

Solve puzzles, avoid monsters, find the exit!

Little Nightmares keeps secrets from the very first seconds, not telling anything about the plot at all. You start playing for a girl named the Sixth (thanks to the start menu for this information), who ended up in a strange place. Dark corridors and rooms, not very well lit, escalate the atmosphere of accumulating fear. Somewhere there is danger waiting for you, but this invisible evil doesn’t show up immediately putting more and more pressure on your nerves. Later, after making your way through a series of puzzles with moving objects, jumping and swinging on ropes, you will begin to encounter the creepy inhabitants of this disgusting place.

You discover that you are inside the Maw, a mysterious underwater vessel where real freaks work, mincing children into meat. Their appearance doesn’t cause animal dread, but you simply can’t get rid of the feeling of discomfort when a blind creature with long arms and short legs passes next to a little girl in a yellow raincoat. The fat cooks of the Maw look no less disgusting. Add minor monsters like huge leeches and evil ghouls – and you’ll get a complete set for a true nightmare.

In the arsenal of the girl there are no weapons, she has to seek salvation in her own ingenuity and dexterity. Hiding under tables, wardrobes and chairs, she is forced to sneak quietly in the corners, moving towards the exit from this hellish place. It should be noted that there are no insurmountable tasks on the way to the final. The developers have come up with quite logical and adequate puzzles that include using levers and dragging objects. It only takes a little effort to keep things running smoothly.

Enjoy the thrill and savor the atmosphere!

Little Nightmares can’t be called insanely scary, since its visual part doesn’t cause rejection, as in other horror games with a bunch of corpses and guts. Some rooms of the the Maw look so nice that you just want to stand and look at them. The design is really cute and cozy which only emphasizes the terrible things happening here. The soundtrack works well for the atmosphere, focusing on the principles of horror cliches. During tense moments, characteristic clanking sounds and music appear.

This isn’t a typical horror game that will make adrenaline rush through your veins. You can rather view it as a creepy fairy tale that intrigues and invites you to keep following in the footprints of the main character. Under your watchful guidance, she has a chance to run away from the Maw and avoid a grim fate of being turned into someone’s freakish meal. Make sure he gets safety through all the hardships waiting for her and sees the sunlight again!